Block of Swiss cheese with the paper and a knife and crispbread
A Fork Is The Secret To Chopping Equal Cheese Slices Every Time
If you’re trying to get nice-looking, equal slices of cheese for a charcuterie board, a fork can help you out. This technique was popularized on TikTok by user ConVino Board.
Simply poke the tines of a fork directly into your block of cheese in evenly-spaced intervals. This creates slight indents that you can use to guide your knife.
This technique works better on hard and semi-hard cheeses as opposed to softer ones, because soft cheeses don't take on imprints as well and don't always hold together.
Even if you outline your cheese with a fork, brie or goat cheese might end up doing its own thing. Still, this hack is a perfect way to help you cut hard cheeses.