Whole shrimps on ice
A Fork Is The Perfect Tool To Remove Shrimp Shells
A fork can make de-shelling shrimp much easier, but you’ll need to prep your shrimp first. Start by removing the head and legs of each raw (or thawed) shrimp.
With a shrimp in one hand and a utensil in the other, place a fork tine underneath the shell at the vein. In one swift motion, drive the fork tine towards the tail.
As you go, tug slightly to detach the meat from its shell. To leave the tail intact, you’ll want to stop just short of it, piercing the shell and twisting.
Keep in mind that there are times when it's best to keep the shell on, such as when the shrimp is being cooked on high heat or used for a rich gumbo or seafood paella.
As for the leftover shrimp shells, they can be used in a seafood stock. A stock made from shells and other food scraps can become a base for hearty stews and decadent chowders.