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A Definitive Guide To Using Oysters In Martinis
Seafood and alcoholic beverages go hand-in-hand, but there are some drinks that pair brilliantly with oysters. The Oyster's My World says that while oysters can be successfully enjoyed with wine, beer, and even fermented buttermilk, oysters and martini are the ultimate combination — whether you have them alongside, or put oysters in the drink itself.
The type of oyster enjoyed alongside the cocktail is as important a factor as anything, like Pacific Northwest oysters, which have green notes of cucumber, work perfectly with the botanical aroma of Hendricks gin, per Epicurious. The Manual recommends that if you are using crisp and extra saline East Coast oysters, a classic gin martini is best.
For those looking to bring some excitement to their martinis, Wine Enthusiast suggests the Marseillan martini that uses oyster water, egg whites, and lemon whipped into a foam to top the drink. If you are searching for a more intense oyster martini, Great British Chefs recommends infusing your vermouth with the oysters before assembling your cocktail.
You can also skip the mixology and throw a whole oyster into the bottom of your martini, though Native Flavor does warn that the oyster flavor will have difficulty surfacing if you do so. That said, the shellfish will absorb some of the martini and become extra plump, making it a perfect treat at the bottom of your glass.