Egg salad sandwich with lettuce on whole grain bread cut in half on a plate
A Dash Of Za'atar Will Change Your Egg Salad Sandwich Forever
Egg salad sandwiches are an old time favorite, but the flavors can feel a little repetitive after a while. Next time, try adding za’atar to the mix to spice things up.
Za'atar, a Middle Eastern seasoning blend, is made of dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, sumac, salt, and toasted sesame. It's easy to make and can last up to a year in the pantry.
The lightness of the egg salad paired with the zesty spice brings dimension to the sandwich. It will keep its creamy, eggy flavor with a spike of herbal tartness in the background.
Simply sprinkle za'atar into your egg salad filling and mix it in. A smaller amount won’t drastically change the taste, but will add a layer of flavor.
Recipe developer Michelle McGlinn's version of a za'atar egg salad sandwich also adds labneh, a Greek strained yogurt that gives extra smoothness and a tangy touch to the filling.
If you want a more nutty taste, try adding tahini (sesame paste) to the egg mixture instead. Or, try chili oil or shatta, a Middle Eastern chili sauce, for a kick of heat.
If extra condiments aren’t your thing, try adding Mediterranean flavors with feta cheese or halloumi along with za’atar, or olives and tomatoes for a more vibrant taste.