A Danish dough whisk
A Danish Dough Whisk Is The Secret To Evenly Mixed Baked Goods
Known as a "brodpisker" in Denmark, the Danish dough whisk has been used by bakers around the world for centuries, and is an excellent tool for evenly and quickly mixing dough.
The most common Danish dough whisks are made of a flat, circular piece of rigid metal wire with loops that almost resemble an eye, attached to a long, wooden handle.
The tool's design prevents food from sticking to it as you mix. The whisk moves through the toughest of doughs with much less effort than a balloon whisk requires.
The whisk's wires cut into the dough and scrape along the bowl as you mix, reaching stray pockets of flour that usually get stuck onto the bowl’s sides or bottom.
A Danish whisk also evenly distributes dried fruit or nuts throughout your bread or pastry dough. It can even cut through dough that's hard to cut with a knife by hand.