Smoking cast iron griddle pan on a dark wooden table, Newport, Wales, 2010
A Cast-Iron Griddle Turns Your Stove Range Into A Makeshift French Top
To mimic the versatile professional stovetop style known as a French top, all you need is a cast iron griddle. This works with all stovetop styles, as long as it has a flat bottom.
If you want a range of cooking temperatures for your makeshift French top, only turn on one burner, then you can slide pots from hotter to cooler areas on the cast iron.
For a large area at the same temperature, use both burners and let the griddle warm completely. Your pots will go on the cast iron surface, which becomes the heat source.
Since a cast iron griddle has exceptional heat retention, the whole surface will become hot enough to cook on with various pots and pans, with no tipping off the burner grates.