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A Canning Etiquette Rule That Often Goes Overlooked
Making, giving, and receiving canned food seems like a simple and humble practice. However, there exists a set of rules, or etiquette, that should be adhered to with home-canned foods, especially when you receive a few jars of homemade jam or pickles as a gift.
Healthy Canning notes that Generation X and millennials make up the bulk of today's home canners, but they may not be familiar with old-fashioned canning rules. While some people who make and give away canned food don't expect their canning jars to be returned to them, it's always a good idea to ask them if they do.
Good canning jars are an investment, and they can and should be reused after that first big purchase. Canning Crafts notes that some home canners make their own labels that ask gift receivers to return the jars when empty, which definitely helps as a gentle reminder, but if there's no such label on your jars, always make sure to ask.