Beer cocktail in tall glass
A Boilermaker Is The No-Fuss Cocktail For Beer And Bourbon Fans
The Boilermaker cocktail is a combo of smoky bourbon, beer, sweet vermouth, lemon juice, and Cherry Heering. It’s perfect for beer and bourbon lovers who have trouble choosing.
Cherry Heering, the most unique part, is a Danish liqueur made from cherries, spices, and a neutral grain-based spirit. Its flavor recalls strawberry jam, almond, and pine.
To whip up a Boilermaker, combine a can of beer with a ½ ounce each of all the other ingredients. Its simple assembly makes this cocktail great for beginner mixologists.
A Samuel Adams Summer Ale is the classic beer for this drink, but if you don’t seek it out, just make sure to steer clear of IPAs. Don't cut corners on ingredient quality, either.
One ingredient you can't skip is the Cherry Heering, which has many uses besides a Boilermaker. Kirsch may taste like cherries, but it's too bitter for this cocktail.