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A 6-Hour Salt Water Brine Is The Key To Crunchier Baked Potatoes
If there is one person who knows about crispy and indulgent potatoes, it has to be the king of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" Guy Fieri. To make the most flavorful baked spuds, the chef recommends soaking whole potatoes in brine, a solution of water, salt, and sometimes sugar and other seasonings, for up to six hours.
The salt in the brine breaks down some of the potato's starches and dries out its skin, leading to a crispier, crunchier exterior when baked. The infusion with salt also helps achieve an evenly seasoned and flavorful tater, and, Fieri also salts the outside of the potatoes before baking to further intensify the crispiness of the skin.
The salt on the outside creates a sort of barrier, preventing moisture from escaping and ensuring that the potatoes stay tender and fluffy on the inside while the skin gets nice and crispy. This combination of a salty, crisp interior and creamy exterior creates a perfect balance between crunch and softness.