Tequila palomas cocktail with grapefruit and mint garnish
9 Must-Have Ingredients To Make Tiki Cocktails At Home
Many tiki beverages call for rum, so it's important to have a variety available. There are a few different categories of rum you could use, but you’ll want it to be younger.
Mixing aged rums with juices and syrups could overwhelm the rum's complexity. Overproof rums are a great option for their fragrance and rich feel, which can balance your drink.
Fruit Juices
When it comes to tiki cocktails, pineapple, orange, and lime reign supreme. No matter the type of juice you use, the fresher it is, the better.
Citrus fruits like lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit should be juiced just before making your drink, as they'll start to lose their acidity if the juice sits around too long.
For bottled fruit juices, read the labels and seek out the freshest juices with little to no added sugar, preservatives, or watery filler for punchy, fruity flavor in every sip.
Tiki cocktails can be surprisingly creamy, with a slight nutty note, thanks to orgeat. Traditionally, orgeat is made with almonds, sugar, and rose or orange flower water.
Some brands of orgeat are sweeter, with a flavor more akin to marzipan, while others have a bitter almond note that brings more complexity to a drink.
Orange Liqueur
When it comes to orange liqueur, a little goes a long way in adding a note of citrus and some extra sweetness to a drink, but each brand has its own influence.
Most cocktail recipes will call for a specific orange liqueur, and while they're fairly interchangeable, curaçao is the best one specifically for tiki drinks.
Falernum is a unique cocktail ingredient that is basically tiki in a bottle. Hailing from Barbados, falernum is a liqueur made with lime, sugar, spices, and almonds.
For a lighter drink with tiki vibes, shake some falernum with ice and top it with tonic or soda water. You can also swap it in for simple syrup to give other drinks a beachy note.