Smoldering charcoals under a grill grate
9 Important Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your Grill
1. Use a potato
Potatoes can create a non-stick grill surface. Slice a raw potato in half to create a flat surface, then rub the cut side of the potato against the grill grates to coat.
Cover the entire surface before adding your meat, fish, or vegetables. Repeat this process each time you use the grill for optimal non-stick grilling results.
2. Try an onion
The acidity and moisture within onions make them great for cleaning bits of food off of grill grates. Start by heating the grill to burn off lingering food.
Slice your onion in half and place it cut-side down onto the grill. Using tongs or a long fork, push the onion to remove lingering bits until you're left with clean grates.
3. Clean with a lemon
Thanks to lemons' acidity, lemon juice is a natural antibacterial and can be mixed with salt to create a powerful degreasing tool. Start by dipping a halved lemon in salt crystals.
Use tongs to place the lemon on a hot grill, then squeeze it to release its juice and remove bits of food and grease. Follow up with a potato to create a non-stick surface.
4. Rub a cold grill with oil
Rubbing your grill grates with oil to remove any remaining burnt on leftover meats or sauces will remove friction, making it harder for foods to stick to the surface.
You'll want to avoid oils with lower smoking points like extra virgin olive oil, as well as flavored oils such as sesame. Oils with high smoke points, like avocado oil, are best.
5. Dish soap and baking soda
Fill up your sink with water, then add around half a cup of baking soda. Then, make a paste of dish soap and baking soda.
Rub the paste over the grill grates and let them soak in the baking soda-infused water for about thirty minutes. Follow this up with another maintenance hack for the best results.