Olive oil and coffee
8 Worst Food Trends Of 2023, According To Tasting Table Staff
Olive Oil Coffee
While olive oil coffee does seem healthy, it tastes like a fatty, oily, bitter sip that coats your mouth with a slick, unappealing texture and bad aftertaste.
Food Waste
An alarming 2023 trend is egregious food waste for aesthetics, shown in a recent Eater photoshoot where Molly Baz lay on 40 pounds of Romaine lettuce for photos.
Adding to this trend is the phenomenon of mukbang, where influencers consume exorbitant amounts of food for online views and clout. The casual and extravagant waste is troubling.
Butter Boards
Popularized on TikTok, butter boards make bread and butter into a meal. It seems an easy yet decadent hosting solution, but the boards quickly become a crumby mess.
Pickle Drinks
Pickles are best suited as a food accompaniment, snack, or even a quirky garnish to a drink, but they don't quite hit the mark as the main flavor of a cocktail.
Tinned Fish
Tinned fish should not be an expensive restaurant meal, as the items are purchased elsewhere and paired with a one-size-fits-all selection of condiments and bread.
Restaurants offer these easy dishes for diners as something special. At the now-closed Bar Maruno, canned seafood ran between $18-$60 with some pickles and bread and butter.