Apizza eateries in New Haven, Connecticut
8 Apizza Restaurants In New Haven, Ranked
New Haven, Connecticut is best known for its ties to pizza, specifically, the apizza style, which is made with wet, fermented dough, tart sauce, sparse cheese, and a charred crust.
8. Next Door
This relative newcomer on the apizza scene gets points for its innovation, offering more than just the New Haven classics at affordable prices.
However, the pizza at this spot tends to be a bit greasier and less consistently cooked than other pizza spots. Some report undercooked pies while others report too much char.
7. Bar
The menu is innovative and holds to the New Haven style. Pies can be customized with almost any addition, including veggies, meat, and seafood.
The crust tends to be thinner than other pizzas, which doesn't give it the characteristic chew of an apizza. It's also missing that characteristic blister.
6. Ernie’s Pizzeria
This eatery has a great family feel and connection to the local community. However, it lacks the history and connection to the apizza movement.
Despite this, the quality of the pizza at Ernie's is more consistent than other New Haven eateries, which makes it one of the most underrated spots to grab a slice (or more).
5. One6Three
This upbeat, novel pizzeria serves apizzas for adventurous eaters who still like the chewy New Haven crust but with more exciting toppings.
It doesn’t have the most consistent quality of all New Haven’s apizza joints. The toppings can detract from some of the flaws in the crust and sauce, which can be too sweet.
4. Da Legna at Nolo
These pies are made with a sourdough base that gives the pizza a tangy flavor. Da Legna has plant-based options, as well as more traditional New Haven pies.
While this apizza spot isn't as popular or integral to the pizza identity of the city, it's clear that straying from tradition isn't a bad thing for restaurants like De Legna.