A salmon dish in front of an Olive Garden sign
7 Dishes You Shouldn't Order At Olive Garden
Five-Cheese Ziti
This dish is a popular, albeit boring, choice. The five-cheese marinara is just a mix of the restaurant's other two sauces — marinara and alfredo.
Fried Mozzarella
Olive Garden’s fried mozzarella tends to snap rather than stretch when pulled apart. The cheese patties are also barely lukewarm and very greasy.
Herb-Grilled Salmon
Olive Garden's salmon comes doused in garlic-herb butter, with a side of broccoli. Unfortunately, the butter does nothing to the dried-out, flavorless dish.
Ideally, salmon flakes away, but Olive Garden's rendition requires hacking away with a steak knife. The cheesy broccoli doesn't provide any solace for this sad meal.
Chocolate Lasagna
Simply a chocolate layer cake, this dessert isn't nearly as intriguing as its title makes it out to be. It comes previously frozen, and it shows.
It consists of layers of chocolate cake with whipped mousse in between, topped with a thin, crispy wafer, and drizzled with thin chocolate sauce.
Spinach And Artichoke Dip
This Olive Garden dish is disappointing. It gets cold in minutes, transforming from a chunky liquid to a solid that makes dipping next to impossible.
The cheese is horrifyingly scarce. Most of the dip is heaps and mounds of spinach with
a few artichoke shreds strewn about, and very little cream
and cheese.