Ground beef tacos in soft shells.
6 Taco Chains That Chefs Like To Eat At
Taco Bell
Taco Bell takes chef Tim Hollingsworth back to his childhood. He says he gets Nachos Bell Grande, two Tacos Supreme, and ends with Cinnamon Twists.
Del Taco
Chef Kevin Templeton champions Del Taco’s soft flour tortillas and fresh-grated cheddar. He also believes that their hot sauce may be the best to come in a packet.
Taco Time
Celebrity chef Maximillian Petty once worked as a drive-thru concierge at Taco Time. Maximillian said he still craves Taco Time, especially their Mexi-Fries.
Chronic Taco
Vegan baker Chef Chris loves Chronic Tacos, with its mission-style burritos, carnitas tacos, and mahi mahi. Chris enjoys Chronic's plant-based tacos with extra salsa.
Restaurateur Danny Meyer said that he had to eat fast food, it would be from Chipotle. It may be a respect for their processes and business strategies that make him a fan.