Pile of chicken wings with side of sauce
6 Frozen Chicken Wings, Ranked Worst To Best
6. Signature Select Buffalo
Frozen chicken wings are an excellent Super Bowl appetizer, but unless you want to ruin your guests’ appetites, avoid the Signature Select Buffalo wings.
Most of the buffalo seasoning on these small, unappetizing wings melts off while cooking, leaving much to be desired in the flavor department.
5. Good & Gather All Natural
Target’s Good & Gather's frozen chicken wings are surprisingly delicious, made with decent chicken, and are easy to cook.
However, these take 50 minutes to cook and don’t come flavored, which isn’t inherently bad but significantly increases the amount of effort it takes to prepare them.
4. Tyson Any'tizers Buffalo
Tyson’s Any’tizers buffalo-flavored wings almost made it further up the list but got demoted for their surprising lack of flavor.
Although chicken is high-quality and these wings are slathered in spices, they taste plain and unseasoned, so serve them with caution and plenty of sauces.
3. Signature Select Honey BBQ
Signature Select BBQ wings are quite tasty, with a rich honey BBQ flavor that offers a unique option compared to the standard buffalo wings.
However, the quality of the chicken is subpar and the flavor is too sweet, making these ideal for additional snacking but not your main offering.
2. Perdue Hot & Spicy Wings
Perdue’s Air Fryer Ready Roasted Crispy Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings are classic, spicy wings made with high-quality chicken.
These wings live up to their hot and spicy promise with intense spice, so make sure your guests are aware, especially if they have a low spice tolerance.
1. Perdue Lemon Pepper Wings
Perdue’s Air Fryer Ready Roasted Crispy Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings are a winner from their perfectly balanced flavor to the high-quality chicken.
The delicate lemon and bite of pepper shine through with incredible flavor, making these wings a great option for game day and beyond.