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6 Best And 6 Worst Canned Fruits To Buy At The Grocery Store
Worst: Berries
Even if canned at their ripest, canned berries more closely resemble a compote than fresh berries. They are good as fillings, but for other things, frozen is best.
Best: Pears
When canned, pears soften and become similar to the texture of poached pears, a beloved dessert. They don’t become mushy but rather take on the perfect tenderness.
Canned pears don't lose their flavor or graininess and are easy to find at most stores. They go great with desserts, yogurt, cakes, or simply eat them on their own.
Worst: Apples
Canned apples are only really useful as fillings in baked goods. Fresh apples are also very accessible and cheap, so there’s little need to buy canned beyond baking.
Canned apples are usually mushy and lack flavor. They’re also almost always peeled, which means you're not getting the numerous health benefits that apple peels have.
Best: Peaches
Peaches are seasonal and have a short shelf life, which makes canned peaches very useful. They’re often more affordable than regular peaches as well.
Canned peaches are soft but not mushy, and they still taste delicious. They’re also great as fillings for various baked goods and can even be used as a sweetener.
Worst: Cherries
Maraschino cherries are stripped of all their natural flavor and color through bleaching. They are then dyed artificially and drenched in high-fructose corn syrup.
These canned cherries are more like candy than fruit. While they make a good garnish, they're one of the worst canned fruits if you're looking to actually eat them.