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5 Healthy Dinner Recipes To Try Out
Mediterranean Cod
Cod is not just easy to prepare, but it's delicious and nutritious, with plenty of protein to keep you satisfied as you head into bedtime. This quick-and-easy Mediterranean-style cod needs just one dish to get it from oven to table, which means clean-up will be a breeze, too.
Sous Vide Salmon
This fish dish, which works with baby potatoes, salad or spinach, is perfect for dinner any night. Sous vide cooking — in which you put a piece of food into a vacuum bag and then cook the bag and its contents in a water bath — is not just easy, but it makes your food tastier and healthier, too.
Salmon Burgers
This delectable salmon burger recipe features one of the most nutrient-dense ingredients around, served on a delicate brioche bun. If you're giving carbs a hard pass, you can always serve this patty on top of a fresh salad for a delectable healthy dinner.
Thai Chicken Curry
With this bowl of home-cooked curry, it’s possible to have something that is healthy, comforting, and easy to pull together. It makes use of a store-bought curry paste, so if green curry isn't your thing, it's a snap to swap it out for red, leaving you with a sweeter, more mellow curry.
Air Fryer Roast Beef
The best part about an air fryer (essentially a small convection oven) is its ability to cook or crisp up whatever food is placed in the basket — all without having it swim in a deep pool of oil. When food, like this piece of roast, is air fried, it guarantees all of the flavor with much less fat.