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40 Most Keto-Friendly Chain Restaurants That Won’t Break The Bank
Panera Bread
Options at Panera such as their Greek salad, or a sandwich minus the bread, require little to no modifications to become keto-friendly. The bakery-café's website also shows all the nutritional information for each item, so you can make sure you’re staying carb-free.
Taco Bell
The way to stay keto-friendly at Taco Bell is to load up on items such as lettuce, protein, cheese, and low-carb sauces, and skip the carb-y tortillas and rice. Great options include the Fiesta Salad, Power Bowl, or a mini skillet bowl with marinated steak instead of potatoes.
When it comes to Chili’s, the best keto options are the meaty ones. Get a half rack of ribs without the sugary BBQ sauce, the sirloin steak with a side of broccoli instead of mashed potatoes, or try the delicious chili-rubbed Ancho Salmon.
Red Lobster
At Red Lobster, your best option by far is the wild-caught snow crab legs, which contain zero carbs and can be ordered with a side of healthy veggies. Other great options on the menu are the butter-dipped crab legs or the filet mignon.
Though McDonald's has a reputation of being unhealthy, staying keto is still possible if you avoid the carb-heavy fries and chicken nuggets. Enjoy a burger with no bun, sauce, or ketchup, or a breakfast sandwich without the English muffin.