31 Coffee
Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best
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Chock Full o' Nuts
Chock Full o' Nuts has been making coffee since 1929, and longevity is one of the brands calling cards. After all, there is hardly a container of coffee that can sit on your grandmother's counter without ever-changing flavors like this one, although making you wish that this coffee was chock full of flavor.
Nescafé is a globally popular instant coffee brand, but not for its quality. With an expiration date that is printed for two years beyond the time of purchase and a concentration of heavy roasting flavors that can sometimes be headache-inducing, Nescafé’s instant coffee leaves a lot to be desired.
Yuban has been on the market for over a century, and this long history might be enough to convince you that there is something tried and true about the brand, but a cup of these grounds will have you reconsidering that idea. These days, the brand just feels, tastes, and smells a bit stale.
Maxwell House
Maxwell House is one of the best-known coffee brands in the world, but a high profile doesn't always translate to high quality. Prioritizing convenience over taste, Maxwell House represents some of the most profoundly un-fun parts of American coffee, standing out for just how little it stands out.
Kirkland has a long shelf life and it is affordable, not to mention the brand is a mass-produced roast that can be reliable in a pinch. However, although reasonable for your office coffee pot, it doesn't deserve an honored spot in your home's pantry, owing to its frankly average quality.