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30 Healthy Snack Ideas That Won't Ruin Your Diet
Trail Mix
Trail mix is made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, so it's a snack that is high in protein and packed with tons of minerals and vitamins. And while your trail mix is fueling you up during that afternoon slump, it also keeps your heart healthy and lowers your blood sugar.
Greek Yogurt And Berries
Greek yogurt not only tastes good and keeps us full but it also helps boost your metabolism. Berries, on the other hand, are great to add to your yogurt mix because they are low in calories and have huge health benefits, including helping with brain function while also helping fight off cancer.
Nuts are always a good choice when it comes to healthy snacking, as they are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Nuts have the ability to keep you fuller longer than other snacks but should be enjoyed in moderation to properly enjoy all benefits they offer.
Popcorn is high in fiber, which helps make you feel full and may lower the risk of heart disease. And when you make popcorn at home it can also be low in calories, depending on how you choose to top it, so you can enjoy eating this snack without having to worry about overdoing it.
We love edamame not only for the solid health benefits it offers to our body but also for the taste, which is buttery and sweet. There are plenty of ways to snack on these green beans too, including the most traditional way: steamed and sprinkled with sea salt.