30 Best Frozen Pizzas Ranked Worst To Best
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30. Goat Cheese and Beet Sauce
The Simple Truth Organic Goat Cheese and Beet Sauce Ultra-Thin Crust Pizza did not sit well with our taste testers. After baking for the recommended 11-13 minutes, the French goat cheese pieces didn't melt well, so it just didn't deliver that melt-in-your-mouth cheese flavor we all crave when eating pizza.
29. Banza Chickpea Pizza
While we love a good gluten-free option, your stomach might be fuller than you would expect if you eat this whole pizza. Although we did not love the crust on this one compared to the others, our favorite takeaway is Banza sells plain crusts so that you can add all the toppings you want at your leisure.
28. Totino's Party Pizza
Totino's Pizza Party Pack offers a pepperoni and cheese duo with four times the deliciousness, although this is not the kind of frozen pizza that will remind you of Sicilian pizzas. This is more like the frozen food you grab at night after too many drinks or for the kids after a long afternoon of playing sports.
27. Let's Go Halfsies
What we love most about Caulipower and this pizza is it's free from all the junk you'll find on your average frozen pizza ingredient list. We put it towards the bottom of our list, not only because it lacks flavor, but also because the gluten-free crusts tend not wholly to satisfy like their gluten-filled counterparts.
26. Roasted Garlic and Pesto
When this pizza first hit the Trader Joe's frozen section, the store could barely keep them in stock. We gave this a lower ranking because, although delicious, we were thrown off by the unexpected crust consistency.