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3 Ways You Can Tell Jackfruit Is Ripe And Ready To Eat
Jackfruit has become a trendy ingredient in vegan and vegetarian recipes, but this fruit isn't familiar to everyone, so you might need help with selecting one at the grocery store.
You may have seen pictures of green jackfruit, but it's yellow when ripe. The more yellow it is, the riper it is, though it's still good when it turns slightly brown.
When ripe, jackfruit should be soft enough to press into with your fingertips, but not mushy. If it's too firm to press, then it's most likely not ripe enough to cut.
In the Kitchen With Matt also explains that ripe jackfruit will "sound hollow when thumped," so if you're unsure if a jackfruit is too soft, give it a tap.
Lastly, if the fruit doesn't have a smell, it's probably not ripe enough, but if it's pungent, it's past its prime. A musky scent indicates that the jackfruit is at its best stage.