A plate of French toast with fresh fruit, falling corn flakes, and a glass of sparkling water
28 Breakfast Hacks Sure To Start Your Day Off Right
Parcook Potatoes
To avoid soggy breakfast potatoes, par-cook the potatoes before placing them in an oiled skillet. This will ensure crispy results every time.
Veggies And Eggs
Upgrade your morning eggs with leftover veggies from your salad the night before. Ideally, you'll want to use salad that's undressed.
Use Seltzer Water
The carbonated bubbles in the water help give some rise to pancake and waffle batter, which makes it fluffier. This works for boxed mixes or homemade batter.
Egg In Oatmeal
Add a beaten egg to your oatmeal mixture after it has cooked on the stovetop with your liquid of choice for about seven minutes for nutritious, custardy results.
Tortilla Hack
For a breakfast burrito that doesn't fall apart, par-slice the four quadrants of a tortilla, add fillings, and cook them on a panini press or a skillet until crisp.