White bowl of tomato soup
25 Soft Foods To Leave You Full And Satisfied
Eggs end up soft pretty much anyway you cook them, making them one of the best soft-food options. You can eat them in a ton of ways, such as fried, poached, and boiled.
Shepherd's Pie
This dish is made of ground meat that's sautéed with onions, peas, and carrots until it’s soft and easy to chew and swallow, and then topped with mashed potatoes.
Matar Paneer
Matar paneer is paneer cheese that has been cooked with peas. It’s a great dish if you’re having trouble chewing but can swallow normally and tolerate spice.
Chili is also perfect for anyone with issues chewing, but not swallowing. Neither the ground meat nor well-cooked beans require much in the way of chewing.
Risotto is a soft, gooey, starchy rice cooked with a seasoned broth that’s a perfect soft-food option as long as you don’t mix in any harder ingredients.