Array of American snacks like crackers, pretzels, chips, and chocolate
25 Most Popular Snacks In America Ranked Worst To Best
25. Snickers
Snickers may be a go-to for many, but as far as a filling snack, they’re at the bottom of this list for their saccharine sweetness.
Despite advertising they can keep you full, Snickers are hardly filling and are more likely to induce a stomach ache with their mix of nougat, peanuts, caramel, and milk chocolate.
24. Ritz Crackers
Ritz earned its name during the Great Depression to convey a high-end yet affordable product, but today, they’re not even good enough to pair with a nice cheese.
While Ritz aren’t good enough to earn a spot on your charcuterie board, they’re also too dry to eat on their own, making them somewhat of a culinary conundrum.
23. Pringles
Compared to other chips, Pringles are at least less greasy, but they’re so processed you can hardly tell they come from potatoes, pushing them down this list.
Moreover, they’re too thin and brittle, without any crunch. The chips mostly seem like a vessel for salt, and even the flavored versions are lackluster.
22. Hershey's
Hershey’s is a classic American chocolate bar, but once you taste better chocolate, Hershey’s will taste dull and too sweet.
The chocolate has way too much sugar — more than you’d expect — which overpowers the flavor of the chocolate, giving the whole bar a cheap taste.
21. Planters Peanuts
Planters Peanuts aren’t the worst thing you can snack on, but they are incredibly salty, overpowering any taste or health benefits you may get from the nuts.
Aside from salt, the only other thing you’re likely to notice is a lack of freshness, leaving you to wonder how long the nuts have been sitting in their container.