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23 Store-Bought Iced Coffees, Ranked Worst To Best
PurAqua Water
As a sparkling water that’s designed to taste like coffee, this drink has the distinction of giving you the coffee flavor without the caffeine jitters or possible upset stomach. The flavor is also surprisingly intense with a milky caramel touch.
Bulletproof Cold Brew
Whether it’s because of the collagen, MCT oil, or added butter, this drink is not only very bitter but greasy and slick in texture. It’s advertised as keto friendly but we recommend using half and half or a better tasting alternative instead.
Java Monster
What this drink lacks in a creamy nitro essence, it makes up for with a smokiness and mild sweetness infused in its medium roast. It also has a complex flavor and is loaded with their “legendary energy blend” that’s sure to keep you awake.
Mushroom Elixir Latte
Although it might seem unusual, the National Library of Medicine claims that the drink's use of mushrooms is beneficial for your immune system and lowers cholesterol. Additionally, it has a smooth texture and a mildly sweet flavor.
Trader Joe’s Cold Brew
This cold brew is organic and contains a milder roast Arabica blend with a delicious berry flavor. While the flavor is satisfying, the problem is with the nitro foam, which is underwhelming and paper thin, and the weak coffee infusion.