Full shopping cart in a grocery store
22 Oldest Grocery Stores In The United States
Market Basket
Initially known as DeMoulas Market and founded in 1917 in Lowell, Massachusetts, Market Basket is a regional supermarket chain operating in the Northeast.
The store has expanded to almost 90 locations within New England and has become known for offering some of the most competitive prices in the grocery store field.
Opened in 1891, ACME started as a small grocery store in a south Philadelphia neighborhood and has since expanded beyond the tri-state area.
ACME later became part of the Albertsons Companies in the late 20th century, enabling it to leverage the resources of a larger corporation while retaining its regional identity.
Piggly Wiggly
Piggly Wiggly opened its first store in 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee, when the concept of serving yourself at a market was still very new.
While most people were used to having a clerk get the items they requested, people began flocking to the idea of self-service after Piggly Wiggly’s grand opening.
Founded in 1916 by the Wegman brothers in Rochester, New York, Wegmans began as a small fruit and vegetable stand before evolving into a highly-regarded grocery store.
Wegmans distinguished itself by introducing innovations such as self-service and refrigerated display cases, setting a standard for the modern supermarket experience.
Doud’s Market
While most grocery stores today are part of a larger chain, Doud’s Market on Mackinac Island stands out for still being family-owned since its creation in 1884.
Doud’s Market provides essential items a typical grocery store needs, such as fresh produce, all year round.