The outside of an Outback Steakhouse
21 Popular Outback Steakhouse Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best
21. Tasmanian Chili
The description claims to be “spicy, all steak, no beans,” but one TikTok video shows the chili with barely any meat, so it’s not exactly a hearty dish.
20. Chicken & Shrimp Pasta
The Queensland Chicken & Pasta is basically fettuccine alfredo with seasoned chicken and shrimp. Apart from the fish, the dish is said to be flavorless.
19. Aussie Cobb Salad
This is more of a side salad than anything. According to guests, it’s sparse and is heavy on lettuce with an unimpressive smattering of other ingredients.
18. Steakhouse Mac & Cheese
This side dish seems like an afterthought since the pasta is overcooked with a bland cheese sauce. A lot of black pepper is needed for taste.
17. French Onion Soup
This soup is thinner than others of its kind and more onions could be added. The dish is pleasant as a side, but isn’t a top-notch French onion soup.