Cup of coffee on top of Keurig K-cup coffee pods
21 Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods, Ranked Worst To Best
20. ODS Twix
Since Twix is a snack that tastes great alongside coffee, the potential for Original Donut Shop Twix seems high, which makes its subsequent disappointment more tragic.
The Original Donut Shop Twix coffee pod has no taste of its own. Moreover, it removes the coffee’s flavor from the brew, leaving it with a weirdly chemical aftertaste.
19. IHOP Signature Blend
The coffee these pods produce is watery, and the smell emits vague tobacco notes. A poor aftertaste will make you check the pod for mold, just in case.
18. Nutty + Caramel
An Original Donut Shop Nutty + Caramel coffee emits a caramel smell only when it brews. Once brewed, it emits scents of hazelnut and fruity artificial sweetness.
After an initial burst of slightly off-tasting hot water, your tastebuds will detect hints of hazelnut, caramel, and artificial sweetness, but nothing substantial will appear.
17. Walmart House Blend
This blend from Walmart's Great Value is genuinely awful. The flavor tastes of greatly over-roasted beans with an extremely watery aftertaste.
16. Bowl & Basket
The scent in a Bowl & Basket Donut Shop coffee is like burning bicycle tires. Its bland, watery taste includes hints of over-roasting and acidity.