Bowl of Japanese rice
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21 Delicious Ways To Use Up Leftover Rice
Mix Into A Spicy Dish
Adding something spicy to your meal for an extra flavor can sometimes be too overwhelming. The starchiness of rice adds a great neutralizer to the burning sensation, especially leftover rice, which has garnered more moisture during its time in the fridge.
Make Fried Rice
Fried rice is actually one of the very few dishes that works better with leftover rice because freshly cooked rice releases moisture when you fry it. Whether you use shrimp, chicken, or just plain veggies, leftover rice is the ticket to perfect homemade fried rice.
Stir into Soup
As a whole, soup is a great go to for every home chef, whether you’re looking to clean out the veggie crisper, or simply clearing a cold. The addition of your leftover rice will not only add more protein to your soup, but more versatility.
Serving Dessert
Rice pudding is a delicious dessert that’s not only easy to make but will incorporate your leftover rice perfectly. All you need besides the rice is a pot of cream, sugar, a touch of cinnamon, and you have a healthy, less wasteful dessert the whole family will love.
Creamy Risotto
Outside of Italy, it's common to find pre-cooked risotto sold among boxed foods like instant mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. Instead, avoid the pre-cooked risotto boxed food and cook your leftover rice with herbs, stock, a touch of butter, and you have a great dish ready.