Bowl of crab with lemons and sprouts
20 Uses For Imitation Crab Beyond Sushi
Crispy Crab Sticks
Imitation crab is right at home on sushi rolls, but you can put it to use in other recipes too, like a simple air fryer crab sticks snack.
For this, you'll need to coat sticks of imitation crab in butter, seasonings, and an optional breadcrumb crust before air frying until crispy.
Crab Dip
When mixed with spices, cream cheese, and mayo, imitation crab transforms into a decadent dip that’s surprisingly budget-friendly.
Add shredded or small chunk crab to softened cream cheese, mayo, spices, and lemon juice. Warm up the dip and serve with your sides of choice.
For a hearty, warming meal, turn imitation crab into a comforting bowl of chowder. Look in the freezer aisle for Osaki brand "fish cake," which contains imitation crab.
Using your recipe of choice, add the imitation crab towards the end of the cooking process, as it can become dense and rubbery if cooked for too long.
Tacos are endlessly customizable, and if you're craving a seafood taco, try using imitation crab as your protein base.
Start by shredding it into about 1 to 2-inch pieces, chop, season with a bit of taco seasoning or whatever you're inspired by, and heat in a bit of butter or oil just until warm.
Aside from tacos, imitation crab does well in other Mexican dishes like enchiladas, whether they’re smothered in red or green sauce.
For this dish, you can get away with cheaper options like lump or flake imitation crab. Wrap the meat up in tortillas with whatever else you're craving, top with sauce, and bake.