Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza
20 Types Of Pizza Around The World
Kebab Pizza
A fusion of pizza and kebab, The Kebab Pizza came out in the 1980s in Sweden and was named one of the nation's most popular dishes by academics at Dalarna University.
A typical kebab pizza has a thin or moderately thick base topped with cheese, tomato, doner meat, and kebab sauce.
From the Alsace region on the French/German border, Flammkuchen consists of thin, crunchy dough topped with soured cream and sprinkled with onions and cured ham.
It's a light pizza that blurs the line between appetizer and main. It's a simple balance of dairy, garlic, and umami flavors that pair well with beers from its local regions.
Dayton-Style Pizza
Innovated by Vic Cassano, Dayton-style pizzas are covered with edge-to-edge toppings and cut into small, square, "party" morsels.
Beneath its avalanche of meat and cheese is a thin but airy dough base dusted with salt or cornmeal to add a satisfying, savory crunch.
From the French city of Nice, this round or rectangular pizza is topped with olives, anchovies, and herbs upon a thick layer of caramelized onions.
Some believe the authentic Pissaladiere should have bread dough as a base, while others consider buttery shortcrust pastry superior.
This Middle Eastern flatbread, popular across the region, consists of a thin, round semolina dough base topped with a beef or lamb paste that is spread across the surface.
Mixed with the meat paste are veggies like onion, chilies, eggplant, tomatoes, and parsley. They're seasoned with paprika, cumin, and lemon and are served flat or rolled up.