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20 Tasty Drinks To Mix With Wine, Ranked
20. Apple Juice
When you mix red wine and apple juice (and fresh fruit), you can get a fruity concoction that resembles sangria. The best part is that it’s much easier to make.
One great option is using sliced peaches and a medium-bodied red wine when you mix this baby up and serve it over ice.
19. Tonic Water
When you're craving something crisp and easy, all you need is some white wine, tonic water, and ice to make the perfect drink.
Elevate it by adding some summer fruits. This drink is ideal for anyone who may not love wine but doesn't hate an easy spritzer on a humid day.
18. Cranberry Juice
Mixing cranberry juice and red wine in a zesty cocktail like a red sangria packs a one-two health punch, with both drinks being high in antioxidants.
Tart, tangy cranberry juice also tastes incredible with dry sparkling wine. It's best to use pure, unsweetened cranberry juice instead of cranberry cocktail for the best flavor.
17. Sprite
Sprite is a soda that is typically paired with white wine but can also be paired with red wine. Just mix red wine and Sprite over ice, and add some lemon and mint.
It goes great with a fruity red wine, like a Shiraz or a blend, where it's not too heavy but rather light and refreshing.
16. Ginger Beer
While ginger beer mixed with wine might sound strange, it works. It has an intense ginger taste but it is still bubbly, keeping the drink light and tasty.
Opt for a light-bodied red wine like Pinot Noir and mix it with ginger beer and ice. Add orange slices to the mix for a touch of citrus.