Pink rose cocktails with raspberries in crystal glasses on a table
20 Sweet Cocktails, Ranked Worst To Best
20. Dirty Shirley
A mix of bubbly lemon lime soda or ginger ale, grenadine cherry syrup, and vodka, this sugary concoction is the boozy version of a classic Shirley Temple.
This nostalgic drink is overly sweet, but the vodka balances it out a bit. While the drink isn't super creative, it's simple to make and is still a worthy drink option.
19. Sex On The Beach
This cocktail has become a colorful classic for its blend of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice.
Although this drink has an unbalanced, candy-like flavor profile, its bright layers of color and overall visual appeal make it a fun, tropical-inspired drink.
18. Lemon Drop Martini
To make this citrusy cocktail at home, all you'll need is vodka, Cointreau (an orange-flavored triple sec liqueur), simple syrup, lemon juice, and sugar.
The lemon drop’s sugar rim is overkill on the sweetness factor but adds to its visual appeal, and the tartness of the lemon offers a nice contrast to the sugar.
17. Mint Julep
A mint julep is a combination of whiskey, water, sugar, and mint. The combination makes for a sweet but spirit-forward cocktail.
Its incorporation of mint syrup adds a layer of sweetness to this summery cocktail, but it can be hard to get the proportions right, particularly when overwhelmed with crushed ice.
16. French Martini
Part of what makes the classic French martini shine is its simplicity. All it requires is a high-quality vodka, pineapple juice, and a splash of Chambord.
Chambord is a spiced liqueur made of black raspberry flavor and cognac with French origins. This makes for a sophisticated drink that remains spirit-forward despite its sweetness.