Tin can of carrot soup with spoon, standing on kitchen towel  and clay board over old rusty iron background. Dark rustic style
20 Popular Canned Soups, Ranked Worst To Best
20. Fit & Active
Aldi's Fit & Active soups do not have a ton of flavor, which is unsurprising as it is meant to be healthier. Despite that intention, they also contain synthetic additives.
19. Health Valley
Health Valley is low in sodium and is a heart-healthy choice. However, it has no herbs, spices, or salt and contains ingredients like canola oil and cane sugar.
18. Upton's Naturals
Upton's Naturals’ vegan soups contain simple ingredients like vegetables, herbs, and meat substitutes. It’s expensive, but that’s expected with a vegan brand.
The flavor was enjoyable, but with the "chick & noodle" flavor, we did not find the "chick" to be like it was shown on the can. It’s a solid vegan option, but not the greatest.
17. Kettle & Fire
Kettle & Fire offers a variety of bone broths, including turmeric ginger, lemongrass ginger beef, and classic chicken. The options are healthier and taste good.
However, we chose not to rank this soup higher because, without the dairy component, we felt like it was a bit too acidic and expensive.
16. Pacific Foods
Pacific Foods makes flavorful, creamy, and filling soups. The company uses simple ingredients from trusted growers and adopts sustainable practices.
As a whole, this brand is great to keep on hand for a quick and healthy meal, but it does not taste as much like a gourmet soup as the packaging suggests it should.