Various Lindt Lindor Truffles
20 Lindt Lindor Truffles, Ranked Worst To Best
20. Dulce de Leche
The center of the milk chocolate shell tastes good initially, but the caramel becomes overpoweringly artificial, with an off-putting chemical aftertaste.
19. Snickerdoodle
These truffles didn't taste like snickerdoodles to us. There are barely any notes of cinnamon, and the dairy and white chocolate flavors are overshadowed.
18. Double Chocolate
This treat has a milk chocolate exterior and a darker chocolate filling. It has an unpleasant off-note and thread of bitterness that ruins the taste.
17. Milk Snowman
These truffles have a milk chocolate shell and a creamy white chocolate filling, which tasters found bland, as neither component is flavorful.
16. White Chocolate
This truffle has a white chocolate shell and center but is a little too sweet, lacks flavor and oomph, and is one of the most humdrum truffles we tasted.