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20 Frozen Dinner Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
20. Smart Ones
Smart Ones come in many varieties and are very low-calorie, with most meals containing less than 300. However, the servings are small and the flavors are lacking.
The line is rather extensive, with frozen portions of pasta, enchiladas, pot roasts, pizzas, and breakfast varieties.
19. Hungry-Man
The Hungry-Man brand focuses on large portions of products such as country fried steak, meatloaf, and fried chicken and often includes side dishes.
They are quick, easy, and filling, but based on Walmart reviews, the quality of the meals and their flavor can vary heavily. The meals also aren’t the healthiest choice.
18. Evol Foods
Evol Foods offers various foods, including breakfasts, burritos, pizzas, pasta, and bowls of varying cuisines, such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese.
They use antibiotic-free meat and cage-free eggs in their meals and also avoid adding any artificial colors or flavors, according to their website.
The brand even has product lines that are gluten-free and vegetarian. Unfortunately, Evol Foods’ meals tend to be very inconsistent in quality and flavor.
17. Tyson
Tyson is a brand synonymous with chicken and carries chicken tenders, chicken fried steak, wings, bacon, pork, popcorn chicken, nuggets, chicken burgers, and more.
However, the brand has been linked to many different product recalls, including one for a listeria outbreak in 2021, according to The New York Times.
While Tyson chicken can be a great addition to a meal, the various recalls are concerning and may not make it the best choice to incorporate.
16. Healthy Choice
Healthy Choice carries various frozen dinners, including Simply Steamers, Cafe Steamers, Power Bowls, Max Bowls, and Zero Bowls, for different health preferences.
According to some reviews on the Healthy Choice website, some of the dishes can be lacking in quality and flavor. In any case, there’s not much to make this brand stand out.