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20 Breakfast Foods You Didn't Know You Could Make In Your Air Fryer
Elevate breakfast by roasting fruits in your air fryer. Its heat will caramelize the fruits' edges and make them crispy, turning the relatively boring side dish exciting.
Some of the best fruits to air fry are bananas, which will develop a toffee-like taste, and pineapple, which will have a firm, golden exterior with a sugary, soft interior.
French Toast
An air fryer makes cooking French toast easier while giving it its nostalgic texture. Simply dip slices of brioche bread in a mixture of egg, milk, butter, and vanilla.
Next, place the slices in a perforated parchment paper-lined air fryer basket — you can fit in two to three slices at a time. Ensure an even brown color by flipping the bread.
A step up from just eggs, frittatas are easily customizable and are perfect to eat on busy mornings alongside a side dish like hash browns or fruit.
Use a greased, non-stick pan that fits in the fryer and precook any hard veggies to soften them beforehand. Most recipes will take about 15 minutes to cook through.
Cinnamon Rolls
An air fryer helps elevate store-bought cinnamon rolls, giving them an irresistibly crunchy edge. For pre-packaged rolls, open the pack and place them in your fryer.
Check rolls about halfway through, as the heating varies per the air fryer. Keep them in for a couple more minutes for crispier edges, and enjoy with cream cheese icing.
Scrambled Eggs
Fluffy scrambled eggs are easier to make in an air fryer, as you don't have to constantly turn the eggs to ensure they stay soft, except for a few occasional stirs.
Preheat the fryer to a low temperature, pour the eggs in, and cook for about two minutes. Then, incrementally cook the eggs until they reach the desired softness.