Jar of cookie butter spread
20 Best Ways To Use Cookie Butter
In Coffee
Cookie butter is a sweet paste that can enhance almost any sweet treat, and it pairs exceptionally well with coffee.
Stir the cookie butter into a cup of hot coffee until it’s thoroughly incorporated. From there you can enhance it with creamer or milk, or add ice for an iced coffee.
In S'mores
Cookie butter is a guaranteed way to transform s’mores by adding a cinnamon-sugar sweetness to sharpen the graham cracker's flavor and a creamy texture.
Simply coat the inside of a graham cracker or both crackers for extra cookie flavor. As a bonus, the cookie butter will also help glue the s’more together, for easier eating.
Added to Cake
Add cookie butter to other cakes or let it be a star on its own in this delicious 4-ingredient cake made of just eggs, butter, water, and cookie butter.
Whip the butter and cookie butter together to create an airy base. Then add in the other ingredients, bake, and enjoy a delicious, moist cake.
In Puppy Chow
Although typically made of Chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, puppy chow is made all the better with cookie butter.
Whether you add cookie butter in addition to peanut butter or swap them, its cinnamon-spiced taste will enhance this delicious snack.
In Cookies
Given its name, cookie butter is a no-brainer way to enhance any cookie recipe with a subtle flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
You can use the cookie butter as a topping or incorporate it into the batter, just make sure to whip together the cookie butter and butter for a light, airy base.