A tin of sardines with fork and napkin
20 Best Ways To Use Canned Sardines
Create A Simple Sandwich
Sardines may not be the first thing you reach for, but with just a few additional ingredients like bread, garlic, and olive oil, you can make an easy and satisfying sandwich.
Brush your bread with olive oil and grill until the bread has browned. Then rub some chopped garlic over the surface and top with mashed sardines for a simple, delicious meal.
Change Up Your Pasta
Sardines make an excellent pasta ingredient. Enjoy the mild fishiness and saltiness in a lemon, kale, and sardine pasta, or a simple cherry tomato and sardine spaghetti.
You can also try out Chef Fabio Trabocchi's pasta con la sarde, which combines bucatini, sardines, Espelette pepper, almonds, and dill to create a deliciously layered dish.
Upgrade Your Tuna Salad
Even a classic go-to like tuna salad deserves an upgrade now and then, and adding sardines to the mix is a ridiculously easy path to rich, flavorful, more savory results.
Add some sardines to your tuna and mash them together, then add any other ingredients you like. The sardines’ oiliness rehydrates the dry tuna for an extra-smooth texture.
Make A Sardine Tartine
A French tartine is essentially just an open-faced sandwich, and a great sardine tartine recipe combines the fish with bread, crème fraîche, currants, pine nuts, and onions.
Simply spread the crème fraîche on your bread, then top with sardines, pickled onions and currants, toasted pine nuts, and the parsley and lemon juice.
Add Sardines To Avocado Toast
If you usually reach for smoked salmon for your avocado toast, try adding sardines instead. Their savory and slightly salty seafood flavor perfectly complements the avocado.
Complete your toast with a runny egg, some tomato slices, and a bit of oil, and then dig into a delicious meal with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from the sardines.