Two halves of a Cuban sandwich stacked on top of each other
20 Best Spots For A Cuban Sandwich In NYC
Cafe Habana
This eatery focuses heavily on food quality. Their Cuban sandwich is made with citrus-marinated roast pork, chipotle mayo, and the usual ingredients.
Rincon Criollo
While their Cuban sandwich may not always be available, this restaurant is also largely known for its meat and bean specials, like arroz con pollo.
Victor’s Cafe
The Cuban sandwich here is sophisticated, made with hand-carved pork and accompanied by tropical chips. Wash it all down with one of their mojitos.
This affordable spot offers a great Cuban sandwich with rice and beans for only $16, practically a steal for any area in the city, never mind smack in the middle of it.
This restaurant offers a diverse menu of Latino food, including Caribbean and South American dishes. The Cuban sandwich hits the spot every time.