Close up of a whiskey cocktail with orange peel
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20 Best Drinks To Mix With Whiskey, Ranked
Beet Juice
Pretty to look at, delicious if it's your thing, but far from everyone's cup of whiskey, beet juice is nevertheless an excellent mixer for the spirit. Typically, the whiskey and juice are mixed in equal parts, but we recommend you do some satisfying home experimentation until you find your perfect balance.
Club Soda
Club soda has no sugar, no calories, and no real flavor, just the tingly texture of bubbles, making it the perfect mixer for a classic highball: whiskey and chilled carbonated water, combined over ice. Be sure to avoid the flattening effects of stirring or shaking the simple drink, just let the bubbles do the mixing for you.
Not far afield of club soda and seltzer lies tonic, which looks identical but which contains quinine, which gives the drink a distinct bitter flavor. While you may be most familiar with the gin and tonic, the bubbly drink goes just as well with whiskey, as the nuances of terpenes in barrel-aged whiskey provide a pleasing complexity.
Whiskey and milk might not sound like a great combination, the the pair works surprisingly well. And while you can drink the two mixed together without anything else, we suggest playing with some additional ingredients like vanilla and nutmeg to see which spices and what level of sweetness you prefer.
Coconut Water
While some have experimented with coconut milk for a vegan milk punch, mixing whiskey with coconut water delivers all the lovely, rich coconut taste you're craving without the heaviness of fatty coconut milk. With any luck, we'll see this become the new cocktail of summer.