variety of chips on store shelves
20 Best Chip Brands, Ranked
20. Herr's
Herr's offers great variety and striking differences in its potato chip flavors, which include Baby Back Ribs, Cheddar & Sour Cream, Fire-Roasted Sweet Corn, and more.
However, the chip size and quality inconsistency forced Herr's lower on our list. It was extremely disappointing when we found more broken pieces than whole chips in the bags.
19. Food Should Taste Good
We realized the brand’s name doesn’t lie by testing its Multigrain Tortilla chips made with natural ingredients like flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds.
It goes well with hummus but isn’t ideal for diving into a bowl of guacamole. The chips may be healthier, but you should look elsewhere for authentic tortilla or potato chips.
18. Terra
Over the last two decades, Terra has made chips using real vegetables to create a unique snacking experience, and the chips pack an unexpectedly powerful crunch.
Made of blue potatoes, oil, and salt, Terra’s blue-purple-colored "Blues" sparked our interest. Although it offered hints of nuts and a nice crunch, we liked but did not love it.
17. Popchips
Popchips keeps potatoes out of deep fryers for a healthier, low-calorie chip. Instead, the brand heats the potatoes in a pressurized chamber and quickly releases them.
We tasted several varieties, like Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt, and Barbecue. They were perfect in terms of flavor, saltiness, and crunch but did not feel like real, true chips.
16. Fritos
Fritos’ Original Corn Chips and its lightly salted variation come in a scoop shape. The recipe developer paired sweet corn and field corn to make the mix we know today.
For over 80 years, the chips have been enjoyed for dipping, cooking, and snacking. However, they feel genetically modified and aren't the organic, straight-from-corn chips we like.