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20 Best Breweries In The US, Ranked
20. Sante Adairius
The U.S. is a leader in the beer brewing industry, and one of the best breweries in the country is Sante Adairius. They focus on emulating Belgian-style beers, known for their quality and variety, and often experiment with various bacteria strains and yeast types to see what kind of new flavors they can produce.
19. Firestone Walker
Located in Paso Robles, California, Firestone Walker began with two friends homebrewing their own recipes until a 2001 expansion. They caught the eye of Duvel Moortgrat, who scooped the brewery in 2015 and brought in additional technology and experience, which helped Firestone expand its portfolio.
18. Ballast Point
Located in San Diego, Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA helped usher in the modern IPA, which was created through experimentation of different styles, ingredients, and techniques. Since opening in 1996, they’ve won all kinds of awards, including the 2010 Small Brewery Champion at the World Beer Cup.
17. Alpine Beer
Based in Alpine, California, Alpine is one of the first breweries to almost entirely focus on the pursuit of IPAs, making some of the most respected and well-received IPAs in the country. The tagline for the company is "The Home of Pure Hoppiness," so if you are an IPA lover, you know you're in a good spot.
16. Founders Brewing
While once known as Canal Street Brewing, the graphic design on the original "Founders Pale Ale” made customers believe Founders was the name, and this brewery stuck with it. Founders began bourbon-barrel aging its Kentucky Breakfast Stout back in 2003, long before the bourbon-barrel aging movement became trendy.