Beer Battered Fish Burger with Fries on a wooden board
20 Absolute Best Burgers In Seattle
Boat Bar
Boat Bar serves a French-esque bistro burger with tip-top ingredients, starting with the plump and perfectly positioned, grass-fed, dry-aged beef patty.
You get golden brioche buns with green goddess sauce and topped with a small additional handful of frisée. The burgers are small but deliciously juicy.
Li'l Woody's
Li'l Woody's only serves burgers whose foundation is grass-fed beef from Pacific Northwest's Royal Ranch Farm. Its toppings are also sourced from within the region.
A fan favorite is The Fig and The Pig, with a decadent scoop of falling-apart pickled figs, bacon, and blue cheese atop the patty. The burger is a great value and served up fast.
Dick's Drive-In
Serving burgers for over 60 years, Dick's Drive-In offers you several hamburger options, but the Deluxe is what you want. It's cheap, tasty, and convenient.
It serves a classic fast-food-style burger, complete with two ⅛ pound patties covered in melted American cheese, torn iceberg lettuce, and mayo-pickle relish on a soft white bun.
Taurus Ox
Taurus Ox has a Laotian take on a burger, serving two smashed patties with melted provolone cheese, jaew tomato, and jaew bong mayo.
A house-cured pork belly is topped with pickled red onion, taro stem, and cilantro, making the burger uniquely tasty. The sides include taro chips, sticky rice, and papaya salad.
Big Max
Big Max Burger Co. is beloved for its quality ingredients and attention to detail. It is comprised of two smashed patties made of dry-aged Wagyu brisket and bacon.
It's topped with smoked cheddar, lettuce, bread and butter pickles, both caramelized and raw red onion, house ketchup, and Max sauce. It's all served on a challah bun.