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2 Simple Methods For Crispier Skin On Smoked Duck
Duck that has been smoked develops a heady aroma that matches its flavor and keeps its substantial fat, making the lean meat moist; however, smoking has drawbacks, one of which being that cooking duck slowly and low might cause limp and unpleasant skin. Yet, these two easy tips might help you crisp up your skin to perfection.
First, salt your duck thoroughly, and allow it to rest uncovered in the fridge for several hours; this allows the salt to penetrate the meat, and dries the exterior to promote browning and crisping. After, bring your duck to room temperature, pierce the skin to let the fat render out, set the duck over a drip pan to catch the fat, and smoke it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
The skin of the duck will still be limp after the duck has finished smoking, but the trick to a crackling crisp skin is a high grill. The Spruce Eats suggest placing the duck on a hot grill and rotating it frequently to crisp the skin without burning it or overcooking the meat underneath; this can also be achieved by broiling the
duck for 15 minutes at 500 degrees.