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19 Creative Ways To Use Coffee Creamer
Coffee creamer’s thick consistency can replace some of the liquid in your smoothie and impart new flavors. Add it incrementally, as it will make the smoothie much sweeter.
A splash of coffee creamer can transform homemade oatmeal by thickening the mixture and replacing added sweeteners like brown sugar and maple syrup.
Add a slug of coffee creamer to upgrade your brownies. Not only will it amp up the fudgy qualities of your brownies, but it will also help them stay moist in the oven.
Ice Cream
To make delicious ice cream with liquid creamer, add it to a sealable freezer bag with kosher salt and ice. Shake for a few minutes until it starts to resemble ice cream.
Apple Pie
When making apple pie, add a splash of creamer to your apples before stuffing them in the crust. This will keep the pie filling moist and thicken it for better slicing.