Cocktails on a table.
18 Worst-Value Cocktails To Get, Ranked
18. Classic Martini
Stephanie Ringwood, a teacher with ABC Bartending School, says that a classic martini is a reliable bar order, but it's not exactly a cheap drink for those on a budget.
A martini isn't the best value because it consists of pure alcohol, which is more costly than other ingredients, but in a small quantity, making it more expensive by the ounce.
17. Manhattan
A Manhattan is another classic cocktail that is pretty hard for a bartender to mess up, making it a dependable order. However, it's also another alcohol-heavy drink.
To save money while still getting the alcoholic kick you crave, you can order the same amount of alcohol that goes into a Manhattan, but in the form of shots, which are cheaper.
16. Negroni
The Negroni is as classical and booze-heavy as the martini and Manhattan. Ringwood once again points out that "They're pure alcohol. There's no mixer in those."
Mixers like sparkling water, soda, and juice are always cheaper than liquor, so the Negroni is yet another drink that takes more out of your wallet and makes a big profit for bars.
15. Old Fashioned
Not only is an Old Fashioned another liquor-heavy drink, but it takes quite a few steps to mix one up, so bars can charge more for it due to its preparation process.
Ringwood says an Old Fashioned "is easily one of the most profitable drinks for a bar." Some bars even cut corners with the preparation, but still charge a higher price.
14. Long Island Iced Tea
The infamously boozy Long Island Iced Tea is made with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and a few mixers, which are included to mask the strong taste of all that alcohol.
Ringwood doesn't think this drink is the best value because often it's made with pre-mixed ingredients. You'll be paying for a lot of alcohol with little care put into it.