A hand picking at fried fish dishes from Red Lobster
18 Popular Red Lobster Dishes, Ranked Worst To Best
18. Crispy Dragon Shrimp
This shrimp is fried within an inch of its life and is doused in a sticky, sweet sauce that further obscures what lies inside its shell of breading.
17. Brownie Overboard
This dessert consists of three brownies, a scoop of artificial-tasting vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. It’s all too much for one person.
16. Admiral’s Feast
With this entree, you'll get fried shrimp, fried flounder, fried clam strips, and fried bay scallops. Their seafood flavor is masked by all the breading.
15. Lobster Baked Potato
This baked potato is topped with lobster and a beurre blanc sauce. The potato doesn't complement the lobster, making the dish feel like an afterthought.
14. Cajun Linguine Alfredo
While it's appreciated that Red Lobster offers non-seafood dishes, there's undoubtedly something sad about ordering this mid-dish.